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Building a new yacht can be both challenging and rewarding. Challenging because, in the course of accomplishing a new build, there are a multitude of issues to be dealt with, and numerous potential pitfalls to be avoided. But rewarding because few things in life are as satisfying as seeing your personal vision brought to life as a beautiful, exquisitely completed yacht. The bottom line is there are unique pleasures to be experienced by having a yacht designed and built specifically to your tastes and requirements

At the Port Royal Group, we are doggedly committed to assuring that your new-build experience becomes a joy to remember. We stand by your side every step of the way, from development of initial concept to construction, to project planning and management, right on through to sea trials, delivery, and post-delivery warranty follow-up. In short, we provide you with a total, turn-key package, proven through experience to yield the most satisfactory results possible.

The new build process includes, but is not necessarily limited to the following steps:

  • Initial meetings with designers and shipyards to establish a clear preliminary statement of your vision for the yacht that you want.
  • Preparation of a preliminary specification and basic details package, including profile and general arrangement, sufficiently detailed to enable selected shipyards to discuss the proposed project intelligently and develop realistic schedule and pricing.
  • Preparation and submission to selected shipyards a Request for Proposal (RFP) that establishes the basis for further discussions and negotiations.
  • Visits with client to selected shipyards and evaluation of their proposals for projected specifications, project scheduling, project management, and pricing.
  • Finalization of design and proposal, and finalization of negotiations and contract with shipyard.
  • Coordination with shipyard and design and engineering team concerning project planning and management.
    In-process project oversight and management.
  • Coordination and facilitation of the activities of the shipyard, designer(s), and other key members of the new build team, including coordination with classification society for survey and certification of the yacht and her construction, including issues related to change orders and post-contract charges.
  • Attendance and monitoring commissioning and sea trials, including inclining, and review of build documents and manuals to be delivered with vessel.
  • Attendance with client at delivery and acceptance of completed yacht.
  • Follow-up and intermediation with respect to post-deliver warranty issues. If any.

Please note that this is a bare outline of the process steps and components of the new-build process. For a more detailed overview of what’s involved, presented graphically, please request our New-Build Process Flow Chart.