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VMG builds the Puffin line of semi-custom blue-water cruising yachts, designed by renowned Netherlands naval architect, Olivier van Meer.

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These classic centerboarders are  legends in their own right — beautiful, able, and born of the North Sea ethos. VMG executes these traditional designs with all of the superb Dutch craftsmanship they deserve but with a fully contemporary approach to materials, fittings, and equipment selection. You learn more about these unparalleled masterpieces in yachtbuilding by visiting VMG’s dedicated Puffin website.

Phil Friedman and the Port Royal Group a factory representative for VMG and Puffin in North America and maintain a close working relationship with them. This fine, well-established Netherlands shipyard, is always open to exploring new projects and proposals, as regards both new-build and refit. Consequently, we can readily place their superb skills and craftsmanship at your service either in the construction of a Puffin or other fine new yacht, whether power or sail, or in the performance of a major, high-quality refit.

Always keep in mind that the Netherlands are a great place to build a new yacht or refit an existing vessel, while enjoying the delights of Western and Northern Europe. Call or email us today for more detailed information and to discuss turning your dreams into reality.

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For more information about Puffin and VMG Yachtbuilders, and to discuss bringing your dream to life, contact Phil Friedman at the Port Royal Group today.