Studio Scanu was founded in1983 by noted Italian Naval Architect Paolo Scanu, and his wife Carol. Today, Carol, a well-known yacht designer in her own right, manages the firm, together with a handful of carefully selected, highly talented colleagues.

“Good architecture speaks for itself and it does not need me to bore you with chats about our ‘philosophy’ or how to “forge your life style.’ After all, there must be a reason that over 50% of our work is done for repeat clients who come back for their second or third yacht.” — Carol Scanu

Studio Scanu is founded on:

– A first-class background in naval architecture

–  An artistic and nautical culture

–  Direct experience in living on, and sailing yachts across oceans

–  Willingness to listen to yacht owners, shipyard managers, foremen, brokers, captains, engineers, indeed anybody who can contribute to our continuous efforts at self-improvement

Please contact us to view our complete portfolio and to discuss your needs and requirements.